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The idea of the Summer Seminar originated in the early nineties. With the fall of communism, enthusiasm for freedom spread throughout South-East Europe. On the other hand, in the West there was a growing conviction of the crisis of democracy.

The inspiration to organize The Summer Seminar came about through the discussions of a group of friends: Michael Novak, Richard John Neuhaus, Robert Sirico, Rocco Buttiglione, George Weigel and Maciej Zieba OP.

The first seminar of the Summer School entitled The Free Society and Centesiums Annus was held in Lichtenstein. Participants included students and doctoral candidates from the United States and South-East Europe.

Lectures and discussions were based on the social encyclical of John Paul II (Centesimus annus).

Since 1999 seminars under the title Tertio Millennio & Free Society have been organized by Tertio Millennio Institute. These are held every July in Krakow, where participants stay in the Dominican Priory.


Classes consisting of lectures and discussions are given in English. They concentrate on issues revolving around democratic capitalism. Lectures reflect on its contemporary history in view of the social teaching of the Church, particularly in reference to John Paul II (CA). The program also offers an opportunity to partake in prayer and daily mass. In the leisure time attractive excursions are organized.

Among lecturers are:

Guest lectures are presented by Russell Hittinger- professor of the University of Tulsa, Paul Ballantyne- Director of the Center of Economic Education, and also Prof. Richard Legutko- philosopher at the Jagiellonian University.


In every session of the Summer Seminar there are approximately thirty-six students and doctoral candidates from the United States and South-East Europe.

Participants are actively united in a common concern for traditional values in the public life. At the same time, the variety of their backgrounds and cultural experiences contribute to the value of discussions and new perspectives.

School participants maintain contact with each other. In January 2000 around 200 people took part in the celebration of the Great Jubilee in Rome. A Polish group has initiated monthly meetings entitled “Millennium Debates”.

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