Aplication 2008


2008 Fellowships Available

July 1st – 18th, 2008 Cracow

Seminar on

The Free Society and Tertio Millennio

Jointly Sponsored by

The Tertio Millennio Institute, Cracow


The Ethics and Public Policy Center,

Washington DC


Russell Hittinger

Fr. Richard Neuhaus

Michael Novak

George Weigel

Maciej Zięba OP

Guest lectures by Polish and American religious and political leaders. Classes in English on the culture, politics and economics of a free and virtuous society. Fellowships are available for students and graduates with good command of English, and include tuition fees, lodging, meals and excursions. Students are responsible for travel expenses.To apply, please send a completed application.


This year we've got new applicaton forms:


The deadline for applications is June 2nd 2008.


Summer Seminar